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Varnish is Wise Owl Paint's tough-as-nails water-based topcoat! This crystal-clear formula has zero amber resins, so yellowing is impossible from the Varnish. It’s so tough you can tap dance on it! Want to protect something outdoors? Three thin coats will give you the protection you need to protect against nature’s elements. Perfect for sealing pieces indoors that see a lot of use or traffic, such as dining room tables, chairs, and coffee tables.

Application Advice:
Apply in thin even coats and allow adequate dry time in between coats.
Try using a ClingOn F50 or F40 or F30 bush to apply for the smoothest finish.

You can use it over our Chalk Synthesis Paint, which is a clay-based mineral paint that provides unbelievable adhesion, rich color pigmentation, and an incredibly smooth finish. It makes painting furniture simple and easy!

Or you can use it over our One Hour Enamel Paint for extra durability. One Hour Enamel Paint also known as OHE, is an incredibly tough, tenacious, fast-drying acrylic enamel for interior and exterior use on surfaces that require a quick return to service and an abrasion-resistant finish. Our One Hour Enamel (OHE) is a total game-changer for both professionals and DIY’ers alike! Our water-based enamel formula made primarily for Kitchen Cabinets and Front Doors has a stone-like Satin topcoat built-in. It is a great choice for painting cabinets, trim, or updating exterior and interior doors. This quick cure formula knocks out projects in record time.

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