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Iron Orchid Design

Tromp L’Oeil Bleu

Tromp L’Oeil Bleu

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From the IOD Summer 2023 Release, introducing the Tromp L’Oeil Paint Inlay, Bleu, an Indigo Blue color. This beautiful Inlay includes 4 sheets of 12 x 16 designs. It’s perfect for cutting apart to create your own lay out on furniture, glass, mirror, small craft projects, lampshades and canvas alike. Iron Orchid Designs Paint Inlays are the latest craze in the DIY do it yourself world and once you try one, you’ll never look back! 

The IOD Paint Inlay is made with paint pigments that you embedded into your project. Your piece will a completely original hand painted look on almost any surface. Check out Michelle’s YouTube channel for Inlay tutorials on various surfaces. 

Often times, you can get a second use of the sheets and sometimes a third. Inlays are best used in a chalk, mineral or clay based paint without polymers or sealers. Full instructions included on packaging. 

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