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The Gray Muse

The Creative Sticker Bundle (10 Stickers): LIMITED EDITION SET

The Creative Sticker Bundle (10 Stickers): LIMITED EDITION SET

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Quick Overview:

  • Bundle Size: 10 Stickers
  • Sticker Size: Each sticker is 2”
  • Theme: Creative, Artistic, and Maker-Inspired
  • Material: High-quality matte finish
  • Limited Edition: Exclusive collection based on popular enamel pins for artists


Unleash your artistic spirit with "The Creative Sticker Bundle," a LIMITED EDITION SET designed exclusively for creatives, makers, and artists. This unique collection includes 10 meticulously crafted 2” stickers, each embodying the essence of an artist's world. Inspired by our most popular enamel pins, these stickers are perfect for personalizing your art supplies, journals, laptops, and more.

Stickers Included in the Bundle:

  1. Paint Brushes in Clear Jar: Capture the essence of the artist's toolset.
  2. Too Many Tabs Rainbow Folder: Perfect for the multitasking creative mind.
  3. Progress iPad: Ideal for digital artists and modern creators.
  4. Rainbow Watercolor Paint Tube: Add a splash of color to your collection.
  5. Ceramic Paint Palette: A tribute to the traditional artist's palette.
  6. Crayons Set: For those who cherish the nostalgia of creating.
  7. Rainbow Colored Pencils Set: Celebrate the diversity of artistic expression.
  8. Curator Banner: A statement piece for art collectors and enthusiasts.
  9. Crafting Banner: Perfect for DIY lovers and crafters.
  10. DSLR Interactive Camera: For the photographers who capture beauty through their lens.

Who Would It Be Good For:

  • Artists and makers of all levels
  • Creative enthusiasts looking to personalize their workspace
  • Art students and professionals
  • Gift-givers seeking something special for artist friends or family


  • Personalize sketchbooks, art supply cases, and laptops
  • Decorate your workspace or studio
  • Use as gifts or rewards for art classes and workshops
  • Collect as keepsakes or part of a larger sticker collection


  • A cohesive and artistic collection to fuel inspiration
  • High-quality material for long-lasting use
  • A unique way to express your creative identity
  • LIMITED EDITION set makes it a unique and rare collection

Why Collect This Bundle:

  • Offers a range of artistic themes in one package
  • Limited edition ensures exclusivity and uniqueness
  • Perfect for a wide range of creative uses and applications
  • Enhances your creative space with artistic flair and inspiration

"The Creative Sticker Bundle" is your canvas for expression, offering a touch of artistic whimsy to your daily life. Celebrate your love for art and creativity with this specially curated collection, available for a limited time only. Grab yours and let your creative journey be as colorful and diverse as these stickers!

Our stickers are great for a variety of uses and make for a great gift for anyone. Use them on walls, windows, glass, mugs, cups, books, binders, notebooks, laptops, cars, or any other clean, flat surface. 

High-quality classic, white premium adhesive film with a matte  Printed on PVC-free film that’s environmental-friendly. Full-color print.

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