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One Hour Enamel Clear

One Hour Enamel Clear

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One Hour Enamel Clear is available in Quarts and Gallons
Choose from 3 finishes: Matte, Satin, and Semi-Gloss
Can be used over Chalk Synthesis Paint, One Hour Enamel Paint, Glaze, and Stain
90% cured 4 hours after dry, next day return to service
Fully cured in 14 days.
Apply just like the One Hour Enamel paint

A revolutionary topcoat with super-fast cure times that will allow you to return your pieces back to service in just a few hours! If you want to Glaze over One Hour Enamel painted cabinets, OHE Clear would be the perfect Glaze topcoat! OHE Clear is available in three gorgeous sheens. Want to apply this quickly and easily to a large, flat area? Use your favorite Cling On Brush.

If you're not used to applying topcoats you can watch a video tutorial here. It's for the Wise Owl Varnish Top Coat but it's the same application process. The most important thing to remember when using topcoats is that you do NOT want to over brush them. The Wise Owl Paint topcoats are all designed to self-level so don't worry about perfectly brushing it on. Also, your second coat will catch any areas you may have missed on your first coat. Last but not least, you want to avoid going too thin with your coats because it dries quickly!

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