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Shangri-La Lane LLC

Natural Furniture Wax

Natural Furniture Wax

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Available in clear and colored versions, our Furniture Wax is all-natural without any added solvents. Our Furniture Wax can be used to seal Chalk Synthesis Paint, Glaze, or can be used over raw or stained wood. Want to seal and stain in one step? Use the colored waxes over raw wood to create a beautiful, strong, natural finish. Apply with the Wise Owl Premium 2-inch Palm Brush, let it sit for about 20 minutes, then use a lint-free cloth to wipe away the excess. No tireless buffing is needed!

Check out this video tutorial: "Today we share our Natural Furniture Wax in Clear 7 months later, after using it on "Bone" Chalk Synthesis Paint on the top of a nightstand. And not just some nightstand that doesn't get used either... Happens to be my 15-year-old daughter's nightstand to truly show the durability of the paint tops coated with Clear Wax. No fancy camera tricks, just the real-life use of from my home to share just how well it does works. So if you're on the fence about which topcoat to use because you're worried about durability, but you want that beautiful matte finish, hopefully, this video will ease your worry and let you know it'll be okay. Additionally, I have a separate video for those wondering how I did the distressing on this set, it was done by wet distressing to get this amazing look."

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