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The Gray Muse

Magnolia (Pink) Floral Enamel Pin

Magnolia (Pink) Floral Enamel Pin

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Quick Overview:

  • Size: 1.75" Tall
  • Theme: Floral - Magnolia
  • Color: Soft Pink and White
  • Material: Premium Quality Enamel. Utilizes UV printing, a technique that allows us to capture more intricate details compared to traditional enamel methods.  


Step into a world of elegance with the "Magnolia (Pink) Enamel Pin." This beautifully crafted pin, standing at 1.75" tall, showcases the delicate beauty of a magnolia flower in a soft, serene shade of pink. The pin is made from premium quality enamel, ensuring a lustrous finish that brings the gentle essence of the magnolia to life.

Symbolism: The magnolia flower, known for its grace and ancient beauty, symbolizes dignity, nobility, and a love of nature. Wearing this pin is not only a fashion statement but also a reflection of these timeless qualities.

Perfect For:

  • Fans of botanical and floral themes
  • Collectors of elegant and meaningful enamel pins
  • Fashion enthusiasts looking to add a touch of sophistication to their outfits
  • A thoughtful, symbolic gift for loved ones or friends


  • A stunning addition to the lapel of a coat or jacket
  • A charming accessory for scarves, hats, or bags
  • A standout piece in an enamel pin collection
  • A meaningful gift for special occasions


  • Brings an elegant touch to any garment or accessory
  • Made with high-quality enamel for lasting color and durability
  • The ideal size for a distinctive yet understated presence
  • Represents the timeless beauty and grace of nature

Elevate your accessory game with the "Magnolia (Pink) Enamel Pin," a symbol of elegance and the enduring beauty of the natural world.


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