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Hemp Oil Wood Finish - Food Safe

Hemp Oil Wood Finish - Food Safe

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This all natural food safe Hemp Oil Wood Finish is very easy to apply and moisturizes your hands at the same time! Goes on like liquid gold as we say here! Simply pour or brush on and wipe away the excess with a rag. Excellent over reclaimed or bare wood. It revives, conditions and protects wood for a beautiful, natural finish. 

Best on bare wood surfaces, where it will darken and richen the natural wood tones while adding a slight sheen, can be buffed for a higher sheen with multiple coats.

The oil will also help condition and protect the wood.The older the wood, the more Hemp Oil it will soak up and the darker it will become. This effect varies based on the type of wood as well, so we recommend testing a small area to ensure you are satisfied with the results.

Hemp Oil Wood Finish is food-safe, and can be used on wooden cutting boards, butchers’ blocks, and charcuterie boards. It also provides a wonderful finish for wood flooring.

Hemp Oil Wood Finish is different from the oil bought from food stores, as it goes through a specific process that allows the oil to dry on its own (without added solvents or chemical driers) and keeps it from going rancid.

Our Hemp Oil has a smell reminiscent of crushed walnuts, and is an environmentally-friendly, locally-produced finish with no additives or preservatives. Hemp Oil Wood Finish penetrates wood surfaces to protect from the inside out. This oil does not leave a surface film that will chip or scratch.


Find out more about Hemp Oil in this video

Application Tool  Brush, lint free rag
Location  Interior/Exterior
Re-coat Time  As needed - if the wood looks dry, apply more.
Dry Time  1 - 14 days 
Top Coat Wax, Stain & Finishing Oil, Gel Stain or Tung Oil are optional for additional durability. If excess amounts of oil use a coat of odourless solvent to remove excess before applying Gel Stain & Top Coat.
Clean Up  Odourless Solvent  for surfaces. If on hands, gentle soap and water.
Coverage  See container. A little goes a long way - depending on wood species and how dry the surface is.
Finish/Sheen Matte to high sheen. Each additional layer and buffing increases the sheen. 
Recommended Uses  Food safe surfaces such as cutting boards, reclaimed wood or Milk Painted pieces. 
Can Be Applied To  All water based or oil based finishes for increased lustre, however it will not add additional durability.
Can Be Painted Over  Potentially once cured. 
How to Prep  Apply over any surface or top coat for desired effect except wax.
Cure Time  14-30 Days
Maintenance/ Cleaning  Light cleaners, as they will strip away the natural oil.


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