Window Transfer Tutorial

Hi all! For anyone that doesn't already know I recently, like 2 days ago, started carrying a new line of rub-on transfers that are super simple to apply and inexpensive to purchase, yay. You can read more about them in my previous post. Here's a window transfer tutorial showing you how to transform a vintage window into a wall decor piece. I've had this antique sash window for almost two years just sitting in my storage shed with no plan, until now. This transfer fit perfectly widthwise but not lengthwise, so I just cut the bottom portion off, everything after the word "Paris" and will save it for another project.

How to prepare your window

I cleaned off my window with Windex, smashed my image in, and rubbed the transfer down. It took about a minute & a was easier than applying to a wood surface. However, because I wasn't careful & jammed my transfer inside the window I had some air bubbles. I just pressed down on all of the air pockets with my finger to remove them. And this is how it looked, which is great when it has a light colored wall behind it but... This is how it will look without a solid light colored wall behind it. It's still fine but I don't know where I'm going to put the window and I want it to look great anywhere! So, I decided to add some paint to the backside of my window. This is Whimsy by Heirloom Traditions Paint and it's the perfect vintage color for this piece. I did not want a clean/new look because I felt it needed to look old and worn to match the age of the window, so I loosely brushed on some paint leaving some of the glass unpainted, but I decided to just go ahead & paint it all... You do not have to paint the back, you can hang or lean it against a solid colored wall & it will look great! This was just an extra step I chose to do and if you have dark walls then you'll definitely want to paint the back side. Here's another example of a window without a painted back: I hope this tutorial has been helpful and that you have a wonderful day!
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