Painted French Settee

UPDATE! FAB no longer exists but you can easily continue to paint fabric without it. Check out my latest tutorials on my blog. In case you haven't already heard...we have a new product called FAB, which allows you to paint over upholstery fabric and it truly is FABulous!! This is the largest piece I've done, so far. Did I mention that FAB can be used with ANY water-based paint?! I love that because it doesn't limit your options to just one type or one brand of paint. This French country settee was still in really good shape, but it was dated and had a few stains here & there. I wasn't sure if the stain would get covered, especially since I only used one coat of paint, but see for yourself...all gone! I used two jars of FAB and a quart of Faded Burlap (by DIY Paint) for the all-over color. I then added stripes using Naval (by Heirloom Traditions) & Carnival Red (by DIY Paint). A helpful tip when adding stripes is to add another thin coat of your main color over the tape, before adding new colors...this will keep the bleeding under control & keep your lines nice and clean.IMG_1359 After adding my French flag, I needed to apply a stencil that I purchased on Etsy specifically for this piece. 11798314_10154155693147788_131718182_nI'll be honest, I was really nervous about applying the stencil over the textured fabric, but the hardest part was just getting it lined up straight...the rest was a piece of cake! It was probably the easiest stencil job I've ever done and it gave it that extra ooh la la I wanted.IMG_1717 I kept the front of the sofa all business while the back is clearly where the party is happening ;)I'm planning to put this piece in my suite at the Frisco Mercantile and reluctantly sell her...only because I don't have space for it in my home and I'd like people to get a chance to see this sweet little settee in person. FAB is no longer being made, however, you can paint your upholstery and then seal with the Wise Owl Paint’s Furniture Salve. You can apply it with the 2″ Palm Brush and remove/buff the excess off with a lint-free cloth. Let it dry overnight before sitting on it.
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