IOD Transfer And Decor Stamps Tutorial

Using Transfers And Decor Stamps

I was out picking the other day and I suddenly found a pair of matching Thomasville side tables with pull out trays. I knew they’d be perfect for testing out some of my newest products from Iron Orchid Designs (IOD) and Wise Owl Paint.

How And Why You Should Prep Your Pieces

The first step in properly prepping your pieces is to thoroughly clean them, lightly sand, and then apply a good primer to block any stains. This will also avoid adhesion problems or any potential bleed-through.

I decided to test out the new Clear Primer. You read that right…it’s CLEAR! Oh, happy days are here!! Also, if you have a dark wood that you’re using a dark paint color over you’ll use less paint because you’re not going from bright white primer to dark paint. The clear primer has a milky white finish and dries clear with a light haze, so you’ll know where you applied it. The left table has clear primer on it and the table on the right does not.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

Typically, choosing a paint color is usually the hardest part of any refinishing job. But I already knew that I wanted to use Kashmir, which was just released as a limited edition fall color by Wise Owl Paint.

It’s a beautiful off-white that’s not too yellow and is perfect for vintage or antique pieces.

Normally, any white paint going over a dark wood is going to take at least three coats. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how great the coverage was after just one coat!

If you’re an experienced painter you know exactly what I’m talking about. But just look at my first coat…it looks like the coverage of two coats!! I did a happy dance and stopped after just two coats of paint.

Choose your Stamps

The next couple of items I was excited to use were our new stamps from Iron Orchid Designs. There’s a Chippy Paint 2 stamp and it does just what it says. It gives you a chippy paint look, how cool is that?!

I also wanted to use the Kindest Regards stamp which is a cursive script letter (shown below).

Once I applied the Kindest Regard stamp, I then moved onto the Redoute4 transfer. I only needed one that I cut into sections.

I used our Soft Black Ink on the Chippy Paint 2 Stamp but you can use any water-based paint for a more authentic chippy look. If you decide to use paint be sure to rough up the decor stamp with sandpaper and use a Brayer to lightly apply the paint. *Keep wipes nearby to quickly remove your paint in between applications.

Most importantly, I sealed the tables with two coats of our Varnish Top Coat in the Satin finish, with an hour dry time in between each coat, for my final step.

The varnish top coat has a floor-strength durability and unlike wax, top coat does not get buffed or need to be reapplied over time. Therefore, it's a faster process.

However, you can absolutely use wax to seal transfers and/or stamps. The important thing is that you seal them to prevent them from being damaged. As a result, of normal wear and tear. If you have never tried the IOD Decor Stamps or Transfers you can watch the video tutorials. You can also find more of my tutorials here.

I made the intentional choice to vary the designs on each table because I did not want them to be identical and look too matchy-matchy. I feel this will also allow the buyer more placement options in their own home.

You can find all of the products mentioned above in both of my shop locations in Allen in Suite M13 & Frisco in Suite 1205, or in my online shop. Additionally, you can find a local retailer for the IOD line here and a Wise Owl Paint retailer here.

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