Introducing…Printed Stamp Masks!

You know we love to bring you new innovations to make creating easier, so we're thrilled to announce our new printed masks. This makes finding and matching your stamp and mask so much easier, especially when it comes to the smaller pieces.

Apothecary Labels 6"x6" Stamp

Introducing the IOD Apothecary Labels Stamp - this will surely be a staple with our craft folks! This set features an all-new innovative format with four 6"x6" sheets in their own case, with individual envelopes for each sheet. The stamps themselves have a subtle tint to make them easier to see and find, reducing your chance of misplacing them. While we can’t promise that you’ll never lose a letter stamp again, this handy innovation should help a lot!

With four separate font choices, complemented by two sheets of gorgeously detailed label and accent options, you’re going to have so much fun with this one. Ideal for sprucing up small projects like journals, spice jars, or white-washed plant pots, these stamps are poised to become your go-to for labeling... everything!

We're excited for you to explore pairing these stamps with our Conservatory Mould, using the stamp and press method for beautiful debossed letters.

Here's a handy tip: When working with small letters, consider grabbing an extra thin mount and cutting it down to smaller sizes. This makes stamping on smaller projects a breeze and ensures precision in your designs.

Whether you're infusing your home with a little French Flea Market charm, creating a quaint canister set for your kitchen, adding elegant naming details to the Lover of Flowers collection, or pretty much anything your imagination cooks up, the IOD Apothecary Labels Stamp is a must-have!

Veranda Stamp

Introducing the two-sheet Veranda Stamp, this beautifully curated set blends classic lattice designs with delicate floral elements. Josie was especially fond of this set, designing it with two scales to seamlessly transition from embellishing large furniture pieces to enhancing smaller crafts. This collection features bamboo lattice patterns, offering a rich tapestry of textures and aesthetics that effortlessly blend with various styles, adding a touch of sophistication.

The lattice, in particular, is highly versatile; perfect for adding to journals, as a distinctive art piece, or as an elegant frame. This would work beautifully with many of our floral transfers. Consider the addition of our Faux Bois Mould on furniture borders to introduce an extra layer of design, infusing projects with a natural, wood-like texture.

Designed with traditional English, classic, and cottage interior styles in mind, Veranda's true charm is unlocked through stamp masking. These masks allow florals and frames to be nestled within the lattice designs. With the introduction of our newly printed stamp masks, achieving this intricate layering is simpler than ever.

Mercantile Stamp

Sally cherished our first-generation Grainery Stamp and it inspired us to evolve it into something even more versatile. Meet Mercantile, a fresh take on this beloved classic! This set features dozens of stamp combinations, allowing every piece to be mixed and matched. Craft unique compositions by pairing elements like rustic horses, vintage advertising typography, and decorative wreaths for a diverse range of looks.

Drawing inspiration from the authentic linen texture of vintage grain sacks, this set is wonderful for Farmhouse, French Flea-market, and classic Americana (Jami Ray, we think you’ll love this one!). Decorate throw pillows, tea towels, or create distinctive wall art, infusing each project with a touch of heritage.

Handy Tips: 

  • Use a thin mount and grid with the grain stripes to get a continuous, nice, straight pattern. Want to use just one strip element of the grain stripes? Ink only the one you want to use and stamp. 
  • The wheat element is designed to be flexible, allowing you to create continuous patterns or clustered designs depending on how you arrange them. You can also curve the wheat as you stamp to get different looks. 
  • Use the accent elements next to the cow and horse for styled dividers (great on tea towels). 
  • Repeat the flourish accents to make end-to-end borders. 

Pair Mercantile with our La Campagne Stamp or incorporate elements from our Crockery Stamp into the wreath designs for a unique focal point. 


If you’re new to IOD Stamps, you can learn all the basics in our Stamp 101 Tutorial:

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