Holiday Collection Moulds

IOD Holiday Collection 2023

Watch the full 2023 Holiday Collection playlist on IOD's YouTube channel, which has lots of project tutorials to get those creative juices flowing with the new release items!

Hello Pumpkin

IOD Pumpkin Mould

Meet “Hello Pumpkin,” a special treat just for our fall decorators. This mould pays homage to all of you who have yearned for a pumpkin mould in our line-up ( Including Sally!).

At first glance, Hello Pumpkin unveils a splendid Cinderella-style pumpkin – a detailed mould that brims with delicate textures. The stems, crumpley leaves, and cascading tendrils breathe life into this mould. Picture it painted in a deep tangerine orange, a soothing robin egg blue, or perhaps a vintage aged cream. 

Whether you’re a fan of French farmhouse, classic traditional, or the whimsical cottage core, Hello Pumpkin effortlessly transcends style categories. Its timeless design ensures that it finds its place in a myriad of decor settings.

Ginger & Spice


Meet the “Ginger & Spice Mould,” a true labor of love and a personal favorite of Josie’s (or one of them, anyway!). When we made this darling gingerbread family, we wanted something special…something a little over the top with personality and character than your average gingerbread man!! What came to life was this cheerful gingerbread family.

Our gingerbread family is brimming with detail, from their cable-knit sweaters to their cherub faces. And the Scottie dog in his little sweater, how could we not!? We hope you enjoy this set as much as we do – every element of this set is designed to encapsulate the magic and nostalgia of a traditional, whimsical Christmas.

Oh Christmas Tree

Introducing our large-scale Christmas tree mould – undoubtedly one of the most detailed moulds we’ve ever made. We obsessed over the functionality of this one, ensuring that this large tree could be used at various sizes. Simply trim down to size following the needles, and move the bottom trunk piece up. The corner pieces serve dual purposes – either sit them elegantly on corners or mold them with clay for a continuous border. Imagine rolling up air-dry clay to create classic bauble ornaments or even twinkling mini-lights to adorn these trees.

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