Big Changes To The New IOD Transfers

Improvements, Beautiful New Designs

I purposely waited until we were closer to the actual release date to share the new IOD Fall Transfers, which are scheduled to arrive in early December. Each time I think they can't possibly get any better, IOD totally outdoes themselves with breathtaking new designs. I mean seriously stunning images! Let's start with the small but important changes. First off, the wood tool has been replaced with a flexible and unbreakable application stick. Secondly, they have added gridlines to help better guide your cuts. Lastly, there's now a non-stick backing on the transfers. Now then, let's take a look at some of the gorgeous new designs! Tell me you're not in absolute love with these... I used my piece painted in my signature color "Seychelles" because I wanted you to see how the transfers look over a dark color. However, here are the digital mockups over white for my neutral loving friends! Now that I've shared the colored transfers, let's move onto the BIGGEST change! Are you ready? IOD has created Paintable Transfers, which means you can paint any color you want over them! And you can choose the areas you want to paint over!! You won't find these anywhere else because they're brand new and patent pending. Now, on the flip side if you just want to use them as-is you can do that, too. I'll let you look at the designs before you move onto the How-To Video... This is the only white design to be added (see above) to the Fall release. It's perfect for those who like to make signs. Anyhow, that's all of the transfer goodness you have to look forward to in a few weeks! They'll be available in both of my shop locations as well as in my online shop. But please feel free to check for a local retailer in your area here. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments, or send me a message. Ciao, Julia.
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